Bogdan Balan

Management Bachelor, Arad University Marketing and management faculty, REFA graduate.

Bogdan is an optimistic person, focused on process improvement, capacity increasing, waste reduction through time study/line balancing activities and work-place design.

During the over 15 years of continuous activity in the automotive industry, Bogdan worked for multinational companies as: Takata, Key Safety Systems, Everel and Several Consulting and training projects.

For more than 15 years, Bogdan had the main focus on production performances increasing in various processes, such as: steering wheels production, airbags production, seatbelts production, wire harness production, injection, die casting, leather wrapping and has conducted many improvements and cost reduction projects and workshops.

Bogdan is certified in: REFA Working Systems and Process Data Management, Communication and Conflict
Management Skills, Kaizen Coordinator, Time Management, Leadership, QRQC, VSM, TPM, Kanban, 8D.

Bogdan started his career as trainer and consultant in 2016 and he joined EMC Consulting in April 2018, fully dedicated to technical consulting activities.