Dorian Laudacescu

With a focus on developing and finding solutions to any challenge, Dorian is a young, positive, very sociable person, open-minded, getting involved 101% within any project.

Dorian’s story starts in 2012, when he joined the Local Group of the international NGO, Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), NGO that reaches every year about 1.000.000 technical students. Dorian was the leader of the Fundraising department, and also in the management of the local group in Timisoara. Aiming to develop people, he lead complex projects, and had positive results.

In 2015, involved in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, Dorian spent about 4 months in Vienna, Austria, with an experienced entrepreneur, where he developed his own projects, and got in contact with the international business environment.

His first steps towards a career in training were since he was a student, holding trainings within his NGO, and also at a national training event called BEST Training Week 2016.

Being an engineer, with a technical background, he combines his technical and soft skills into a perfect match, having great results with every training. He worked within multinational companies as a technical trainer and also within the HR department, so that he had a perfect balance between the technical and the more human side.

Since 2016, he started his journey in EMC Consulting, and is actively being coached by some of the most experienced trainers on the western Romanian market today. And the story goes on…