Felix Garai

Felix from the start of his career focus on working with people, so even that he started as an engineer at SNCFR in one year he become responsible for running a full telecommunication network with more than 30 people reporting to him.

He was appointed as a production supervisor in 1998 in Solectron, where he had several jobs in production and logistics. In just two years he looked to step up in his career and went to work in Hungary for Flextronics and Sanofi as Plant Logistic Manager.

The experience he accumulated during 5 years working abroad allowed him to get back in the country as General manager setting up a startup company for the Goerner Packaging group.

One year later he joints automotive sector as Logistics and Purchasing Director for Yazaki and later one for Valeo. In 2013 he started his first job as consultant in logistics working for Mahle and later one he joint as Business Excellence Manager in the same company providing support and guidance in Lean implementation for the plant.

From his logistics and lean experience he started his own company in 2015, as Quadrus Concept creating a logistic cloud platform. Since 2016 he is works as freelancer dedicating his time to training and consulting activities for several companies.