APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning

Henry Ford once said: “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”, but for doing this, the product quality must be planned, and APQP is the perfect tool for this.

The course is designed for every person that takes part in launching series manufacturing of products, and especially for those involved in planning, quality assurance and control.

Why do you need this training ?

  • You will increase the customer satisfaction;
  • You will know how to ensure the needed resources in order to fulfill the customer demands;
  • You will know how to prevent the problems that could appear when changes in the project occur;
  • You will be able to provide products in the right quantity and quality, with minimal costs;
  • You will be able to increase the effectiveness of the programs through a detailed process plan;
  • Catalyze teamwork and idea exchange between functions and departments;

Training content

General remarks:

Definitions; Benefits; PDCA cycle; Team approach; APQP diagram;

Phase 1: Planning and defining new programs (projects); Input + Output; Customer voice, Design and Quality of the preliminary activities;

Phase 2: Product Design and Development; Inputs + Outputs; Designing the activities; Building a prototype control plan; Defining the specifications;

Phase 3: Process Design and Development; Inputs + Outputs, Developing the product / process for pre launch (Packaging Standards, Process Flow Chart, Process layout, Pre-Launch Control Plan, Process Instructions, MSA plan and Preliminary Process Capability Study Plan);

Phase 4: Product and Process Validation; Inputs + Outputs; Production Trial Run; Production Control Plan; Preliminary Process Capability Study; Production Part Approval; Production Validation Testing;

Phase 5: Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Actions; Inputs + Outputs; Reduced Variation;
Customer Satisfaction; Delivery and Service.

Investments: 160 EUR / person
Early bird: 130 Euro/person (sign up until 27th of May 2019)
Group discount: 5% (minimum 3 participants)
Discounts don’t exclude each other.
The specified amount includes lunch, coffee, all required materials and the participation diploma The specified amount does not include VAT.