Ergonomics Improvement

Jim Rohn says: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. A good and well-organized working place along with a desirable environment is benefic for our operators, as well as for our companies.”

This training offers a practical approach to ergonomics, work-place design methodologies and process improvement and is applicable for production engineers, production supervisors, process engineers but also for anyone interested in ergonomics, anthropometrics and work-place design;

Why do you need this training ?

  • You will learn how to design or organize a work-place;
  • You will learn in a practical way to evaluate the existing conditions in the company;
  • You will learn how to measure the impact of the repetitive tasks on the production operators;
  • You will learn how to measure the recommended lifting weights in the production activities;
  • You will learn organize the office area working-places.

Training content

General remarks: Man-Machine-Environment, influential factors, necessary resting time.

Determining the ideal standard for the components at the working-station: Measurement of the actual standard and improvement actions, the impact of this topic in the cycle time.

Repetitive tasks impact: Practical measurements to establish the impact ratio of the repetitive tasks from the risk factors point of view.

Lifting equation for single tasks: Measurement of the characteristic factors to influence the lifting weight limit in the production process and improvement measures.

Games, Case studies, Practical application: 5S Game, 5S Audit chart, Noise tracking report, Information board examples.


Investments: 300 EUR / person
Early bird: 250 Euro/person (sign up until 30th of May 2019)
Group discount: 5% (minimum 3 participants)
Discounts don’t exclude each other.
The specified amount includes lunch, coffee, all required materials and the participation diploma The specified amount does not include VAT.