Guidelines for auditing management systems ISO 19011:2018

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ~ Albert Einstein

This document provides guidance on auditing management systems, including the principles of auditing, managing an audit program and conducting management system audits, as well as guidance on the evaluation of competence of individuals involved in the audit process. These activities include the individual(s) managing the audit program, auditors and audit teams.

It is applicable to all organizations that need to plan and conduct internal or external audits of management systems or manage an audit program.

The application of this document to other types of audits is possible, provided that special consideration is given to the specific competence needed.

Why do you need this training ?

ISO 19011 offers guidance on every step of auditing a management system or an audit program, including:

  • Establishing audit program objectives;
  • Determining and evaluating audit program risks and opportunities;
  • Initiating, preparing for, and conducting an audit;
  • Preparing and distributing an audit report;
  • Completing an audit and conducting audit follow-up;
  • Determining auditor competence;
  • To provide elements for interpretation of regulations and audit plan set-up;
  • To plan and manage evaluation and monitoring visits;
  • To improve communication techniques in the audit phase.

Training content

  • ISO 19011:2018 presentation
  • Types of audit
  • Auditor – Requirements and Competencies
  • Auditing and communication techniques
  • Planning and preparation of an internal audit
  • Making an internal audit
  • Documenting the internal audit

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