Lean Manufacturing

Target group

LEAN Awareness is the mind-set according to which every process can be optimized, and this implies that the course is dedicated to all employees in an organization.

We need this training to…

  • identify and eliminate waste, to classify processes, and to maximize the VA operations;
  • to calculate Takt time, Cycle time and to balance the operations most efficiently;
  • to improve the internal logistic flow using Supermarket, Kanban concept;
  • to optimize the Value Streams from suppliers to the customer and to implement pull flow;

Training content

Lean manufacturing principles: Lean approach and Lean benefits; Implementing Lean principles, Key success factors;

7 types of waste: Classifying waste; methods for identifying waste; eliminating waste benefits;

Customer Takt time: Why is important and how is calculated; What is the difference between customer takt time, internal takt time and cycle time?

Just in Time: Just in Time principles; JIT components (production leveling, small batch production, Pull flow, Kanban, TPM, balancing operations and processes;

One piece flow: What one peace flow means?; How and where can be OPF implemented?; Which are the OPF benefits? How OPF will impact the stock level?

FIFO and Traceability: What represents FIFO and which are the FIFO benefits?; Why we need to have a stable traceability system?;

Kanban and Supermarket: Internal logistic flow principles; Kanban and Supermarket systems description.

VSM analysis: What represents and why we need VSM? VSM methodology; VSM benefits; How we can use VSM to create an improvement plan?

VSM Practical application: Select a product, and based on VSM methodology, the participants will have to map the Current and the Future state and to create an improvement plan.
Finally, the team presents their results and an implementation plan to support long-term performance

Training content – used simulation

Learning game MTa KanDo Lean

An Experiential Lean Game, Learn about waste, continuous improvement, flow, 5S and more. Get people excited about lean!

MTa KanDo Lean is an activity based learning pack which focuses on customer service through Lean Processing. It is designed, so you, as a facilitator can help participants:

  • Understand how lean processing can improve customer satisfaction, business performance and job satisfaction
  • Think through how the principles of lean processing could be introduced into participants place of work

How is the game structured?
Mta KanDo Lean is a 5 phase activity. Each phase presents new learning opportunities:

Phase 1: Chaos
Phase 2: Batch
Phase 3: Pull
Phase 4: Flow
Phase 5 Supply Chain

All phases of KanDo Lean encourage participants to think for themselves and challenge existing ideas, approaches and behaviors. KanDo Lean ends with a final discussion to consolidate this learning and encourage links to be made in the workplace:

  • It helps participants think through how the principles behind lean processing can be used
  • It focuses attention on participants place of work to see where and how lean processing might be able to help.

Investments: 300 EUR / person
Early bird: 250 Euro/person (sign up until 20th of May 2019)
Group discount: 5% (minimum 3 participants)
Discounts don’t exclude each other.
The specified amount includes lunch, coffee, all required materials and the participation diploma The specified amount does not include VAT.