Why do you need this training ?

  • You will have a better understanding about the measuring process and sources of variation that might influence the measurement results;
  • You will learn sampling techniques and data collection
  • You will learn how to identify statistical characteristics which define different measurement systems; You will learn how to analyze measurement systems in case of continuous and attributive variables; You will learn how to use statistical analysis.
  • You will learn how to increase the efficiency of the control system (using statistical methods);
  • You will learn how to encourage a preventive mindset (trough following process variation).

Training content

Gage R&R analysis – Conducting a Variable Gage R & R Study

ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) method; Gage acceptability criteria; Key to successful gage studies.

Gage R&R analysis – Conducting an Attribute Gage R & R Study

Attribute measurement system problems (between operators, between parts); Guidelines for conducting attribute gage R&R; Attribute gage R&R – acceptability guidelines; Sources of variability in attribute gage R&R study.

Process variation

General remarks; Causes of variation (Common causes of variation, Special causes of variation); Variation control; Unstable process approach; Process distribution (Normal distribution, Standard deviation).

Process control

Control chart; Control limits; Interpreting control charts; Out of control signals; Western Electric rules; AIAG rules.

Process capability

What is a capability study?; Capability scope; When is the capability study not needed?;
Typical situations; Interpreting capability indicators (Cp Index,, Cpk Index);
Differences between Cpk and Ppk; Capability examples

Investments: 420 Euro / person / 3 days
Super Deal: 35% discount – 270 Euro / person – (sign up until 19 th of February 2020)
Early bird: 25% discount – 315 Euro / person – (sign up until 4nd of March 2020)
Group discount: additional 5% discount / group (min 3 persons).
The specified amount includes lunch, three coffee break, all required materials and the EMC participation certificate in English language.
The specified amount does not include VAT. The VAT for individuals will be discounted.