Practical Time Study

Do you know that time studies represent the foundation for planning and controlling and improving your capacity, resources and costs?

This training offers a practical approach about time study methodologies and process time evaluations and is applicable for production engineers, production supervisors, process engineers but also for anyone interested in time studies and work measurement;

Why do you need this training ?

  • You will learn how to prepare a time study to get real, specific and relevant results;
  • You will learn in a practical way to measure, to record and to determine the real cycle time of a production process;
  • You will learn how to use a REFA standardized form for time studies and result validation;
  • You will learn how to use time data’s, for Capacity Planning, Capacity Verification and to improve a production process;

Training content

General remarks: Types of work systems; Process segments; Working procedures; Work Productivity and Performance; Labor distribution; Types of workplaces;

Determining working time: The base time; The lost time (material and personal); Recovery time; Time per piece; Operating time, Adjusting time, Total manufacturing time.

Practical time study: Practical time study methodology, Time measurement rules; Stopwatches, REFA time measurement file, Time measurement points and types of working sequences;

Working time calculation and analysis: Checking the accuracy and integrity of the time study, Calculating the individual times, Statistic evaluation, Calculating time per working sequence, Finding the time per piece;

Work balancing and capacity calculation: Takt time; Cycle time; Work balancing, Capacity calculation, Capacity verification & Run at rate; Case study (Capacity Analysis Report – Ford template);

Investments: 300 EUR / person
Early bird: 250 Euro/person (sign up until 6th of May 2019)
Group discount: 5% (minimum 3 participants)
Discounts don’t exclude each other.
The specified amount includes lunch, coffee, all required materials and the participation diploma The specified amount does not include VAT.