Project Management

According to a study made by the * Standish Group International , only 16% of the projects elaborated in the world are finished in time, budget and reaching it‘s initial goal.

This training prepares you to be in those 16%, and is applicable for managers, engineers, technicians, project managers, and anyone who coordinates or is involved in projects.

Why do you need this training ?

  • You will have a very good control of resource utilization;
  • You will be able to improve the quality and reliability of the product / process;
  • You will learn how to manage costs and risks;
  • You will be able to improve the efficiency of the organization;
  • You will be able to increase the customer satisfaction through a better understanding of his needs.

Training content

General remarks

What does a Project mean? Managing Projects; Setting objectives; The Project Manager’s role; The 9 knowledge areas of Project Management;

The life cycle of a project

General form; Life cycle of today’s projects; Continuous improvement;

Initiating, charting and defining a project

The components of the project charter; SMART objectives; Project presumptions; Triple constraint (time – quality – cost); Project stakeholders; Analyze the stakeholders (steps); Communication plan;

Project planning and scheduling

Project plan; Project activities; Allocating responsibilities (responsibility matrix); Time planning;

Execution and control of the projects

Risk management; Change management; Beginning the project; Execution of the project; Control of the project; Helping tools;

Project’s closing and Continuous Improvement

Testing and reporting the results, Continuous improvement;

Investments: 330 Euro / person / 2 days
Super Deal: 35% discount – 215 Euro / person – (sign up until 2th of April 2020)
Early bird: 25% discount – 245 Euro / person – (sign up until 16nd of April 2020)
Group discount: additional 5% discount / group (min 3 persons).
The specified amount includes lunch, three coffee break, all required materials and the EMC participation certificate in English language.
The specified amount does not include VAT. The VAT for individuals will be discounted.