Project Management

According to a study made by the * Standish Group International , only 16% of the projects elaborated in the world are finished in time, budget and reaching it‘s initial goal.

This training prepares you to be in those 16%, and is applicable for managers, engineers, technicians, project managers, and anyone who coordinates or is involved in projects.

Why do you need this training ?

  • You will have a very good control of resource utilization;
  • You will be able to improve the quality and reliability of the product / process;
  • You will learn how to manage costs and risks;
  • You will be able to improve the efficiency of the organization;
  • You will be able to increase the customer satisfaction through a better understanding of his needs;

Training content

General remarks

What does a Project mean? Managing Projects; Setting objectives; The Project Manager’s role; The 9 knowledge areas of Project Management;

The life cycle of a project

General form; Life cycle of today’s projects; Continuous improvement;

Initiating, charting and defining a project

The components of the project charter; SMART objectives; Project presumptions; Triple constraint (time – quality – cost); Project stakeholders; Analyze the stakeholders (steps); Communication plan;

Project planning and scheduling

Project plan; Project activities; Allocating responsibilities (responsibility matrix); Time planning;

Execution and control of the projects

Risk management; Change management; Beginning the project; Execution of the project; Control of the project; Helping tools;

Project’s closing and Continuous Improvement

Testing and reporting the results, Continuous improvement.

Investments: 350EUR / person
Super Deal: 45% discount (193 Euro/person) – (sign up until 15th of November 2019)
Early bird: 30% discount (245 Euro/ person) (sign up until 22nd of November 2019) + Group discount: 50% (175 Euro) discount for the third participant.
The specified amount includes lunch, three coffee break, all required materials and the EMC participation certificate.
The specified amount does not include VAT.