Quality Core Tools

“Quality is not an act it is a habit”- Aristotle

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has developed the core tools to be used in conjunction with IATF-16949. Quality Core Tools are the foundation of automotive quality excellence

Why do you need this training ?

  • You will learn how to improve the quality, reliability and the safety of the products and processes; You will increase the customer satisfaction;
  • You will learn how to identify and eliminate the potential errors from the system;
  • You will be able to minimize the errors when implementing changes, and associated costs;
  • You will be able to provide products in the right quantity and quality, with minimal costs;
  • You will be able to build a clear and efficient communication process, to control specifications and relevant information’s within your project.
  • You will be able to solve quicker the problems resulted from documented product history.

Training content

General remarks: Definitions; Benefits; PDCA cycle; Team approach; APQP diagram;

Phase 1: Planning, defining new programs; Input + Output; Customer voice, Preliminary activities;

Phase 2: Product Design and Development; Inputs + outputs; Building a prototype control plan; Defining the specifications;

Phase 3: Process Design and Development; Inputs + outputs, Developing the product / process for pre launch (Packaging, Process Flow Chart, Layout, Pre-Launch Control Plan, Process Instructions, MSA plan and Preliminary Process Capability Study Plan);

Phase 4: Product and Process Validation; Inputs + outputs; Production Trial Run; Production Control Plan; Preliminary Process Capability Study; Production Part Approval; Validation Testing;

Phase 5: Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Actions; Inputs + outputs; Reduced Variation; Customer Satisfaction; Delivery and Service.

Investments: 550 Euro / person / 4 days
Super Deal: 35% discount – 355 Euro / person – (sign up until 3th of March 2020)
Early bird: 25% discount – 410 Euro / person – (sign up until 17nd of March 2020)
Group discount: additional 5% discount / group (min 3 persons).
The specified amount includes lunch, three coffee break, all required materials and the EMC participation certificate in English language.
The specified amount does not include VAT. The VAT for individuals will be discounted;