Supply Production Planning

Douglas M. Lambert, director of Global Supply Chain Forum said once: “Supply chain management is not only about logistics and acquisitions. Supply chain relates to a network of partners that interact on every level of their organizations.”

We invite you to discover the models of Supply Chain which can increase your performance in a sustainable way.

Target group

This training is designed for Supply Chain coordinators, production planners, material planners and Supply Chain managers.

Why do you need this training ?

  • You will learn how to take day to day life and business decisions, considering the costs and constraints that the economical environment challenging us;
  • You will learn which are the roles and disadvantages of stocks;
  • You will learn about the newest Supply Chain models;
  • You will learn about the most popular algorithm used by all modern ERP’s: MRP

Training content

Supply Chain Overview

Inventory management

Stocks: types, roles, financial impact;

Stock related KPIs;

Classification of stocks;

Economic order quantity: How much and when to order? Bigger stock or quantity discount? Bigger stock or worse service?

Supply Chain models

“Theory of Constraints based”: Make to Availability; Drum-buffer-rope; Actively synchronized replenishments

Demand management

Forecasting principles;


How it works. What is behind the system. What are the weaknesses to overcome.

Investments: 330 Euro / person / 2 days
Super Deal: 35% discount – 215 Euro / person – (sign up until 6th of February 2020)
Early bird: 25% discount – 245 Euro / person – (sign up until 20nd of February 2020)
Group discount: additional 5% discount / group (min 3 persons).
The specified amount includes lunch, three coffee break, all required materials and the EMC participation certificate in English language.
The specified amount does not include VAT. The VAT for individuals will be discounted.